libunaccept on github

Just pushed: libunaccept on github.

Most of the effort involved in releasing this was writing the documentation.

Writing documentation is a good simulation of peer review. Whenever I wrote something that made me feel embarrassed, that was a sure sign that the code needed fixing. So as writing the docs, I fixed a bunch of things, mostly to do with how the library is integrated and configured. It's much nicer now.

I'm actually really happy libunaccept, I think it hits a sweet spot when it comes to simplicity, power and ease of configuration.

I've decided that it is going to get a few more features and then be deployed as part of the PageKite service infrastructure, so I have knobs to twiddle if/when we get hit by our first DDoS attack.

It might be nice to share some of the costs of doing that work with local Icelandic companies that have trouble with traffic spikes. A building named after an archaic instrument and a certain meteorological institute come to mind... I wonder if they would be interested?

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The status of the on-going e-mail experiment is my total received spam after switching to libunaccept is 113 messages after about 52 hours of use.

I am now (at 22:25) disabling the protection entirely, we'll see what my spam folder looks like tomorrow night!

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