Christmas, charities and gifts

This year my Christmas charities are:

  1. The Red Cross
  2. Gigtarfélagið (the arthritis society)
  3. Blindrafélagið (the support organization for the blind)

As usual, the Red Cross gets the most and as a matter of principal I refuse to give money to anything even remotely religious. The other two are charities I've never supported before.

I gave less than I would have liked to, but at least it was something. That last one is actually lottery ticket - if I win I'll have to give more! :-P

If you want to give me a Christmas gift, but have no clever ideas, I will very happily accept cards (or tweets or e-mails) telling me you donated money on my behalf to any of these charities or others I've supported in the past. Supporting the EFF, FSF or FSFE would be pretty awesome, for example. I have plenty of stuff, so this kind of thing is actually pretty high on my wish-list.

I'll even add up all the numbers and write a blog post after Christmas bragging about how much people donated on my behalf!

Also, I love the snow. :-)

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