One month of Mailpile

Mailpile is 1 month old today!

This is now by far my longest project obsession since I started working on PageKite...

In one month I have taught Mailpile:

  1. To create a search index for a large pile of e-mail
  2. To very quickly search large volumes of mail
  3. To sort search results in useful ways
  4. To group conversations together
  5. Manual tagging based of search results or individual messages
  6. Automatic tagging based on stored searches
  7. A very primitive way to read mail
  8. GPG encryption of the main index and settings
  9. Background invocation of fetchmail and index updates
  10. The beginnings of a very simple web interface

It's obviously not a GMail replacement yet, but it is already doing some things better for me:

  1. It's faster!
  2. I can easily feed all my old mail archives into it
  3. I can work with my mail without an Internet connection

I've decided that I am not going to do all the work on this project though, I am going to be completely selfish and only implement the features that interest me and I want to use myself. People who want other features - things like Maildir or IMAP support or a pretty UI - will need to contribute code or offer me money or beer.

Tags: life, tech, mailpile

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