In print!

This morning Ewelina asked me if I had noticed the mail that was waiting for me. I had not.

She handed me two envelopes, one of which was small and contained bad news: the tax office rejected my request for a correction of last years' taxes, so I'm never seeing those 150.000-or-so ISK again. Oh well.

The other envelope was larger and contained a copy of the German c't magazine. On page 63 there was a brief introduction to PageKite, which I could mostly understand.

I am pretty sure this is the first time PageKite is mentioned in print, and this may actually be the first time software I have written is mentioned in a foreign magazine. The funny thing is, we didn't even do anything to make this happen. They just discovered PageKite and wrote about it all on their own!

How awesome is that?

Tags: life, pagekite

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