Tomorrow Ewelina and I fly to Copenhagen, making our way slowly to Sweden for FSCONS. So I ate everything perishable from the fridge for dinner. It was great!

Since Ewelina and I like coming home to a cosy clean apartment, we did a bunch of cleaning yesterday and today. So our place looks great!

Also, my girlfriend went and got a haircut and is all New And Improved as a result. So my Ewelina looks great!

This evening I checked the bank statement for PageKite - it hasn't looked so good in over a year. We have reduced our debt by 80% since last summer, thanks to my moonlighting for Opin Kerfi on the one hand, and the grant from Rannís on the other. I am feeling optimistic that the company will even have a positive balance on the account sometime early next year... now if only we had a few thousand paying customers, all would be as it should be. ;-)

Fiscally responsible, that's us! Great!

Other good news, which is actually a few days old, is that Ewelina's family is going to be visiting us next year. Her sister and her boyfriend will be here for the New Year and next summer Ewelina's parents will come visit us. It'll be great!

Woo, great!!

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