FSCONS soon!

On Friday, around noon, I cast my vote for this year's Nordic Free Software Award. As last years' recipient, I get to take part in giving the award to someone else this year.

The award will be given at FSCONS in Gothenburg in just a couple of weeks. Ewelina and I will be there! I'll be coordinating a workshop on PageKite.

We are beginning to look forward to it...

In other news, Ewelina and I met with Logi and Gísli and Christina for a nice dinner at Logi's place last night, Python lessons continue and yesterday Ewelina and I explored the Icelandic Coast Guard's new ship, Þór. We pretended to feel a strong affinity with the boat, because it was in Chile at the same time as we were!

But seriously, that is one bad-ass boat. I somewhat cynically suspect it's yet another example of pre-crash extravagance (the cabins on-board are huge), but at least this one is very functional and will save lives.

After the boat I blogged about my GMail replacement project (the working title is mailpile) yesterday, which took some of the edge off my obsession. But I'm still pretty excited about it. Creating things is fun!

Oh, another thing! We recently got a letter from Rannís informing us that the PageKite project has been granted official status as a recognized "innovation" project, which entitles us to some tax breaks and government support. This is great news, every little bit helps and this might end up being more than just a little bit.

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