Blaaaargh: Food poisoning?

Update: Chatting with people at work, it seems there's just some bug going around. So not food poisoning, Subway is forgiven. :-)

I think I got a touch of food poisoning yesterday.

Approximate time-line:

8:00: For breakfast, I had coffee, milk, cod-liver-oil capsules, bread with cheese and a couple of Icelandic kleinur.

9:00: I visited a client, fixed his web server.

11:00: I had a cappucino and a sip of coke at Eymundsson Austurstræti. Ewelina had the same.

12.30: I went to Subway at N1/Hringbraut and ordered a 6" ham and cheese sub with all the vegetables and spicy mustard. The place seemed a bit messy and I noticed that the ladies weren't bothering with the disposable plastic gloves. The sub tasted fine though.

13:00: I visited a client in Garðabær, fixed his Fjölnir-to-email gateway. Then I bicycled home.

15:00: I made banana & milk smoothies for me and Ewelina.

16:30: I started to feel weak, couldn't concentrate on work.

17:30: I tried to eat burritos with Ewelina, but could only manage one. Ewelina made me tea and we watched a movie.

21:30: Went to the toilet, nothing much happened. Went to bed, miserable with fever and an upset stomache, after tossing and turning a bit, I took a panodil and my temperature: 38.2C

22:00: I threw up in a bucket. Then I threw up some more. About 2.5l of ick. After this, I cleaned up the mess, brushed my teeth and - feeling perfectly fine - went happily to sleep.


Today I am tired, but fine.

Ewelina never felt a thing, aside from worrying about me.

My prime suspect: Subway. But obviously I can't be sure.

I could probably find the wrapper from my sub in the bin by the bus stop where I ate it... but there won't be any leftovers because I was hungry. According to the on-line resources I found about reporting food poisoning incidents, I will also need to inform them that I had quite a few beers at Hemmi og Valdi the night before, home cooked tasty fish (from Nóatún) with leeks and feta for a romantic dinner with Ewelina, had a grilled chicken sandwich and small cake from the bakery in Suðurver for lunch and a similar breakfast at home that morning. I also hung out with people that had recently had stomach bugs at the family reunion in Illugastaðir this weekend.

Update: I sent this description to a guy named Jón Ragnar who works for the city. Just like with computers, if problems aren't reported, they have little chance of getting fixed.

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