Karate makes me sleepy

I've started going to my classes at Þórshamar again. As a result, my whole body is tired and wants to sleep 10 hours.

I haven't blogged much during the past week, but plenty has been going on.

  • I've worked a bit for OK and MR, and of course PageKite.
  • I had an informal chat with some VCs about PageKite.
  • I've played some pool.
  • I went to a party.
  • I bought colorful plates.
  • I helped Ewelina install a TV in her room.
  • I decided the subject for my talk at FSCONS: it'll be a workshop!
  • I cooked lasagne and chili.
  • I finally taught our living-room server how to back my laptop up no matter where in the world it is, using lapcat and PageKite.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but that's what happens when you don't blog every day...

Tags: life

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