Forgot How To Work

Today I have been trying to remember what work is, and how to do it.

After Ewelina left this morning, I slept for a bit, and then lay under the covers thinking about an imaginary job for an imaginary travel agency. When I realized that this wasn't exactly productive, I got up and had a bath.

Pondering my real jobs in the bath felt good for a while, until again, I realized that thinking about work wasn't actually getting anything done.


So I got out and dried myself. All clean and shiny, I then proceeded to wander around the apartment, typing on tables and plants and walls, plugging my laptop into all the different electrical outlets to see if that would help... nothing. I did the dishes.

I tried wagging my finger at myself in the mirror, but instead of looking stern and bossy, I just looked silly. Oooo, maybe I should have coffee!

I had forgotten how to work.

Panic set in. Then despair. Then frustration. Then I got a bit peckish and made myself some toast.

Finally, bicycling with Ewelina towards Laugardalur to see if work might be hiding there for some reason, I got a call about things being broken at MR.

A mission! I hopped on my bike and zoomed off to fix everything.


Tags: life

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