Wage Gap

Apparently people are discussing the wage gap between men and women again this week. It's worth discussing.

I wrote this on a Facebook thread:

I personally do believe the gap exists. In my mind, the main question is why. I think it is rare that employers, at least in Iceland, have a goal of deliberately underpaying women. There are assholes everywhere of course, who would be the exception, but I suspect most managers just want to minimise costs in general. Why does that in practice seem to penalise women more than men? What is the best way to change it? Appealing to fairness (or worse, asking for "charity") is unlikely to be a stable solution in a free market.

Nobody really ventured any answers.

Later, as I was walking through the overcrowded parking lot of MR (a local high school), I noticed a young lady having some difficulty squeezing her car into a space. Her friend had gotten out and was giving guidance.

I overheard the driver complain:

This is impossible! I should just get some guy to do it.

Did she just answer my first question?

Perhaps rather than all this complaining about unfairness, some good old fashioned cheerleading is in order?

You Can Do It!
You Deserve To Be Paid!
Yaaay Girls!

Just a thought...

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