The trip home

I didn't sleep last night. Instead I stayed up drinking and chatting with Mr. Rob Broggy, a friendly british chap in his fifties who retired early from the Royal Mail and wanted nothing more now than to stay in hostels all over the world. Nice guy.

I woke Ewelina from her short nap around 3 and we got a taxi to the Belgrade airport. We weren't overcharged at all, so we tipped the driver the difference between the meter and what we had been told would be the maximum acceptable price: about 15 euro.

I tried to sleep on our Wizzair flight to Luton.

I tried to sleep on bus 757 to Victoria.

We had a Subway each at Victoria and then I dozed on the train to Gatwick.

At Gatwick, we had another little surprise: our Iceland Express flight to Reykjavik had been replaced for some reason with a smaller plane and was now overbooked.

We were early enough to get seats, but the lady at the check-in told us that if we were willing to give up our seats and fly home in the evening instead of the 13:50 flight, we would be rewarded with vouchers for food and round-trip tickets we could use later to a destination of our choice. We didn't need to think that one over for long... tired though we were, earning a couple of plane tickets just by hanging around at the airport and playing with our laptops for a few hours seemed like a good deal.

This also seems like the right way to handle operational difficulties - preemptively avoiding trouble and compensating passengers seems like "the right way" to do things. So good for them.

We should make it home sometime after midnight...

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