Belgrade's Chicken Salad

We made it to Belgrade!

The train ride from Bar was very pretty, and there was electricity on the train so I was able to make lots of progress on PageKite when I wasn't busy looking out the window or chatting with the girls.

The temperature here in Belgrade (so far) is so much nicer than it has been anywhere else we have been. I am sitting outside, wearing jeans and sneakers and I'm not getting sweaty! I am rather allergic to our room, but that just means I have to get up and do things.

After settling into our hostel (the Hedonist Hostel) last night, we went out to take a gander at the night-life - this seems to be quite the party town! Our little hostel is surrounded by little bars and cafes and restaurants and we quite enjoyed wandering around until things closed and we went home to sleep.

We visited a bar named Supermarket which was all at once a restaurant, a bar and an expensive designer concept store. Pretty neat; I had a Super Hero cocktail, which is a mostly like a Long Island Ice Tea, except it had Red Bull and lemon juice instead of coke...

After the Supermarket we stood in line to buy pizza through a hole in a wall, and taking a hint from the police officer ahead of us in line, I had my slice covered in a mayonnaise-chicken-salad. A genuine local experience! It wasn't bad, but I still think I'll pass on the salad next time. The pizza was good and would have been better without it.

Today we explore the town, tomorrow, really early, Ewelina and I start making our way back to Iceland. We are looking forward to being home.

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