Swimming with snakes!

Today, I swam with snakes and fishes!

Yesterday Ewelina and I arrived in Mostar, a lovely little town in Herzegovina. Lovely aside from the bullet holes in the walls, that is... it is a bit creepy how many signs of the conflict are still visible here.

Our host from Hostel Nina picked us (and a young British couple) up from the bus station and gave us a lift with our bags. We got settled and then spent the day and evening exploring the old town, trying Bosnian coffee, Bosnian food and searching for an ATM.

Sigga arrived in the evening and we tried somewhat ineffectively to give her advice over SMS on how to find us, and the hostel. It all worked out in the end though.

Today Ewelina and I took a tour around the region with Zika (husband of Nina), taking in a cave, a ruined fortress, a startlingly busy Christian pilgrimage site and some extremely beautiful waterfalls.

It was at the waterfalls that I swam a bit in the river, staring at schools of unconcerned fish and - at one point - a water snake slithering along on the riverbed below me.

I didn't want to leave.

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