Sweaty, salty, tired, ...

Today we leave Hvar and make our way to Dubrovnik.

We spent the morning hung over at the beach; last night we had much better luck finding a party than we did on Saturday. We drank beer in the fortress above town, had pizza and pasta at a little restaurant, tried Doktorica and Medica at the Terrace Bar and listened to The Smiths lynch the DJ.

We danced in a sweaty little place named Kiva until closing; Ewelina was popular with the guys - and so was I. When Kiva closed, we fled.

Thus, a morning hung over at the beach. Ewelina sunned herself while I idly dipped my feet in the waves. I swam.

Now we are on the ferry back to Split, anticipating a few hours on a bus to Dubrovnik.

It is hot. So hot... that bus better have air conditioning.

Sweaty, salty, tired, that's us. But happy.

Tags: life, balkans

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