Our room in Hvar has a balcony, and apparently a heat-wave: every time we meet our hostess, she complains about the heat.

This town has a massive amount of tourists, and one gets the feeling that all the inhabitants probably work in tourism one way or another. There are a lot of young party people around, brits, australians, italians, israelis... and a fair number of (probably German) nudists on the beaches.

We made an attempt to go partying last night, having heard that there was a night club on a neighboring island and a free taxi boat! to get there. Sounded exciting! So I cooked us up a late pasta dinner, we went to town for one drink, and then we got on the free taxi boat!

Of course, as it turns out entrance to the club itself was emphatically not free - quite the opposite, they wanted 100 kunas per person, which is well over 2000 ISK. We felt that the whole setup was not just expensive, but deceptive and manipulative as well. So we didn't pay, and we weren't the only ones. There were a bunch of other people who, like us, lingered outside the entrance and ended up taking the free taxi boat! back to Hvar.

Once back in Hvar we wandered around, looking for some of the other night clubs our boat rental guy had told us about. We found some places, but some were closed and others were boring. So in the end instead of partying we just had a long midnight walk around Hvar... which was fun too.

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