Gone Holiday!

Early this morning, Ewelina and I happily bounced out of bed, had coffee and a banana smoothie, and skipped and hopped all the way to the bus terminal and onto the Flybus... eventually disembarking in London.

In London, Camden Town, we bought shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, trousers and trousers.

The shoes I bought last November in Portugal, which had become overly aquaconductive, were abandoned on top of a Camden Bin. I hope they get resold as Vintage Footwear to some bright eyed traveler. At a hefty markup!

After all the shopping we had pints and food with Al and Nodis, got on a bus to Luton and fell asleep at the bar. Well, some of us, anyway.

Really early tomorrow, we get on a plane South.

We will sleepily split, to Split.

Tags: life, balkans

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