Did I invent that?

I idly wonder if maybe I invented the "watch Youtube together" feature of Google Plus hangouts.

It is at least theoretically possible, as one of the side projects I did while I was at Google, was to use one of the social APIs built on top of Google Chat to synchronize playback of Youtube videos, so you could watch a video with a friend. It was part of some internal competition and I think I didn't even manage to submit my entry on time.

And I certainly didn't win. But I did write it!

Most likely some G+ engineer had the same idea on his own - it is a pretty obvious one if you think about chat and viral video sharing and how real life gatherings long ago developed a tendancy to devolve into the dreaded Youtube parties...

But I still wonder if that was "my idea". :-)

Either way, it's cool to see it launched.

Tags: life, tech

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