I like my lapcat

My latest little tool, lapcat is proving incredibly useful.

My laptop now uses it to automatically reconfigure my proxy settings depending on where I am; I just type ssh hostname and connections happen, either directly or through a chain of proxies... I don't need to know or care, lapcat just decides for me.

Same for my browsing; when I am on a restricted network, lapcat will direct Firefox's requests to the local proxy server. When I am on an unrestricted network, lapcat routes connections though a polipo instance running on the laptop itself - effectively a direct connection.

So changing proxy settings is no longer something I need to worry about, I just sit down, open my laptop and get to work.

In order to make it truly magical, the next steps would be for lapcat to autoconfigure itself by auto-discovering proxies on new networks and automatically detect and route around filters and censorship...

I guess it's time to set up Tor again. :-)

Tags: tech

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