Al's quiet weekend in Iceland

This weekend, Al has been visiting us!

He arrived late Thursday night and thought he would have a relaxing weekend with us, maybe write some code and have a few beers.

This is what actually happened:


  1. We stayed up until the wee hours chatting


  1. Vitabar!
  2. Beer and geeky things at Hemmi og Valdi
  3. Dinner with Logi and Sho
  4. Partied until way late (KB! Barbara!)


  1. Cured hangover with soup
  2. Gay pride, parade!
  3. Beer in the sun
  4. Beer in the grass
  5. Pizza party at Fribbi and Árni's place


  1. Noodle station breakfast
  2. Drove to Akranes, explored (routes 1, 51)
  3. Drove all over Snæfellsnes (route 51, 1, 54):
    1. Walked in a lava field
    2. Saw basalt columns and berries
    3. Saw a very sad (dry) natural spring
    4. Explored Rauðfeldargjá
    5. Admired Snæfellsjökull
    6. Discovered the Beruvík beach
    7. Visited the lighthouse on Öndverðarnes
    8. Bought an awesome beer-mitt at Hellissandur
    9. Saw a billion arctic terns near Rif
  4. Camped in Stykkishólmur


  1. Drove the scenic route (54, 55, 54, 1) back to Reykjavík
    1. Gravel roads!
    2. Explored a lava field with some caves.
    3. Climbed atop a cindercone, saw the crater.
  2. Drove to the airport via. Krýsuvík (routes 41, 42, 427, 43, 41)
    1. Saw hot springs!
    2. Drove fast on gravel roads
  3. Made it to the airport on time!
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