The tax man thinks we owe him money. We filed forms saying we beg to differ.

I've lowered my salary again: I haven't seen a pay check this low since I was sixteen! Adjusted for inflation, make that never. Ah, startup life... will I succeed in taming the PageKite overdraft?

Also, Mario (from Argentina) is in town!

At Opin Kerfi, I've been helping out with MR (yes, they are going Linux) and the tax office. The tax man keeps his servers in a cage hidden at the top of a circular stairway at end of a hallway with uneven floors hidden behind a filing cabinet in a room stacked full of boxes bulging with ancient documents. Not kidding! It was an adventure.

I am almost done writing an RPM packaging robot for automatically maintaining our own little PageKite RPM repo for all those Fedora/RedHat/CentOS users out there. As soon as it works, I'll do the same for Debian/Ubuntu, upload everything to PyPi and revisit my attempts to get into the official distros.

I also invented lapcat and refreshed my memory on gpg-agent and ssh-agent.

I'm still getting up in the mornings. I think it is getting easier.

Due to heightened stress levels and an impending 3 week trip to the Balkans in September (woohoo!), weekends in August have been canceled. Some of them, anyway. :-)

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