Me, a morning person??

Today I got up just a little past 5am, because Ewelina had work and I am trying to keep the same schedule as her. I spent the wee hours catching up on PageKite e-mail and other tasks which were neglected while I was in France. I also made progress on the DIY home entertainment system.

Once the time became a bit more reasonable I made my way to Opin Kerfi for a day of work. As I was lacking a concrete task to work on, I spent most of the day reading and researching the tools they use internall - and bugging people for things to do. Tomorrow I will have things to do, and Wednesday as well, so that worked.

In other news, today I discovered:

  • That the proper URL path for Terms of Service on a website is, obviously, /humans.txt.
  • That the convmv tool is just what I have been lacking to fix the screwed up names of my .mp3 files.
  • That Sysvík is really quite awesome as a quick and easy way to create a self-maintaining 'live system manual' for a collection of computers. I think I may see if I can help Tryggvi and Opin Kerfi with marketing it. Not that I am any good at marketing, but hey...

I am now on the bus home, looking forward to an early dinner with Ewelina, followed by Karate class... and bed.

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