Cool things at RMLL

So far, RMLL is proving to be great fun.

Right now, I am sitting in the shade outside, listening to this guy next to me generate funky ambient sounds using something called a digital recording studio and a mixer. I just finished a mustard covered barbequed sausage and am making progress on a can of coke.

I attended a few talks yesterday, but as at other conferences, the best stuff is always the conversations and random stuff. I have of course told a bunch of people about PageKite, and most people have been pretty receptive.

I have also enjoyed hearing people talk about their projects and have discovered some new things...

The re-narration web is a really cool attempt to make the web more useful to the 5 billion or so people who don't understand English. I haven't actually seen the talk yet, but had a nice chat with the friendly Indian fellow who is here to present it.

Grid Calendar is a pretty awesome tool for people organizing or interested in conferences and other events in the FOSS community. We should use it.

Tonight I will probably go for dinner with some of the other speakers, and tomorrow I give my talk. I am looking forward to both!

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