I am at RMLL!

I haven't attended any talks yet, but I have wandered around and chatted with some people, registered and figure out how to get the local WiFi up and running.

I had a minor worry when I couldn't find my talk on the schedule, but that was because my brain is stupid and I thought my talk was tomorrow, when in fact it is on Wednesday. Once I figured that out, I had no trouble finding myself.

I finished writing most of my talk yesterday on the train (it is mostly an updated version of the FOSDEM talk), but seeing as I have 40 minutes I am going to try and do some demonstrations as well.

So that's my excuse for playing with my laptop instead of mingling...

Amusingly enough, as soon as I got ready to leave Iceland for this little trip, the #pagekite IRC channel sprang to life and there was talk of both Tahoe-LAFS working over PageKite (thanks to the clever design of foolscap), and a basic Lua back-end implementation for embedded devices. Both are awesome news.

I think I may have to take my blogging energies and focus them on the official PageKite blog soonish... it has been neglected of late, and doesn't know about Breeder, Thimbl, the Rannís grant (I am/was waiting for the money to land in our account for them to mail me logos) or RMLL.

Ironically, when I am too busy to blog, it looks like the project is dormant. :-P

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