Freedom geekery

Last night Ewelina and I met up with a bunch of fellow digital freedom enthusiasts; Birgitta, Björgvin and Tómas, Daphne and Alexander from Holland and Mako and Mika from Boston.

Gunnar Ingi also joined us for one drink, along with a friend.

Beer was drunk and good conversations were had.

The conversation with Mako were especially interesting for me, as he had good advice on all sorts of topics ranging from the crowd at RMLL, to how to develop a community around free software, to how to make PageKite part of Debian. I love it when drinking beer with nice people qualifies as productive work. :-)

Today the weather is awesome and a volcano is probably erupting.

My dad thinks it probably won't keep me from flying to France tomorrow, and probably won't keep me from flying back later in the week, seeing as there is a pretty massive amount of glacier the volcano will have to melt through before it can start spewing ash. But never say never!

But now, it is time for noodle soup, a trip to the beach, and maybe a bike ride.

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