Missed a day!

Yesterday I posted no blog post.

That's the first true omission since I rebooted this thing!

However, my picture was taken by Jacob Applebaum, and I was randomly complimented on my cloud insanity post at the pub. So the concept was not neglected, even if the implementation was.

If Jake ever develops that photo and scans it and I find out about it and I remember... then I'll totally use that to fill yesterday's slot.

Other things I did yesterday: somehow I accidentally hacked my way into my locked-down ZyXEL P660HW wifi router. I'd tell you how, but I am not sure myself - suffice to say, it's a buggy POS and somehow I pwned it. Take that, TAL - no longer do I have to tolerate a telco's trojan horse on my own home network! I also discovered that I cannot connect to the Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel broker, also because this router is a POS. That was the extent of my participation in IPv6 day. In other geeky news, I added a basic forum to the PageKite website.

In the evening, I let Ewelina trounce me at "21" with her new basketball and then we went to the pub to meet Jake and Linus and whoever else might be around (turned out to be Smári, Björgvin and Birgitta, later followed by Sveinbjörn, Jósi, María and more).

Today I plan to work on pagekite.py 0.4, worry about money and go to karate. It'll be great.

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