Goals and Wisdom Teeth

Yesterday I decided on a couple of goals:

  1. Update the pagekite.net website this weekend.
  2. Get a 2nd brown belt in Karate at the end of the summer.

I still feel good about them, so now they're blogged. We'll see how I do!

Wisdom Teeth

On the way home from class just now, I glanced at the Fréttablað, one of the daily papers that we generally don't bother to read.

Aside from the article explaining how one of the local banks was going to cancel on average over 6 million ISK of debt per person, for about 4000 customers... a short pop-sci article caught my eye.

This article explained how some clever scientists had examined prehistoric teeth and come to the amazing conclusion that 2 million years ago, it wasn't men that went exploring, women did it too!

Even more intriguingly, somehow these fossilized teeth communicated to these fine scientists that the reason the women went exploring, was because they were looking for husbands.

Of course.

Why else would a woman ever leave home?

(I also found some pop-sci online discussing the same study.)

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