Orange Juice and Mountain Dew

Orange Juice mixed 50/50 with Mountain Dew is my current hangover drink of choice. Lots of vitamin C, sugar and caffeine. Yum!

Today Ewelina and I are working on the PageKite website. It is going to get a minor face-lift soonish, and then probably another one when we officially switch to the new 0.4 version of pagekite.py.

We are making progress, albeit slowly due to excessive partying... :-)


We went out with Logi and Christina last night, met up with Abi and Andri and Smári and Gummi and Helga and some French film makers... did some bar hopping and ended up at Sódóma, where we danced.

Sódóma is strange.

It is the only bar in town where the music is always so loud it actually hurts my ears (until they go numb) and also the only bar where kids aggressively behave like assholes on the dance floor - every time we dance there, at least one couple shows up, inserts themselves into our group and makes fun of our moves.

In addition to earache and the usual mocking couple, last night I was also pissed off by a kid who kept grabbing the handle of a handicapped guy's wheelchair and pushing him back and forth (on the dance floor) - without even speaking to the guy in the chair. Eventually I stepped in and told him to back off.

Dumb kids, get off my lawn!

But Sódóma is also somehow the bar where we, as a group, have the most fun dancing. So I think I'll just invest in a pair of earplugs and prepare to tolerate immaturity.

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