30 hours in reverse

I finished this blog post at 23:59, just barely on time.

We watched Predator and four episodes of My Name is Earl.

Ingimundur told me a very nice story over the phone.

I made chili and fed it to Logi and Kalli and Ewelina.

I went to Bónus.

I scheduled a work-related meeting for next Friday at 13.30.

Ewelina and I stayed in bed all day.

We got home a bit after 7 am.

We accidentally attended an epic after-party, where red wine in my shirt triggered rather more toplessness than was strictly necessary. To make things even more exciting, faces and nipples got licked and the lickees only protested the appropriate amount. But mostly there was normal conversation, music, song, some dancing, and too much home brewed beer.

We met Tómas and Logi at Kaffibarinn.

We met Kalli at the Bar 46 where we played much pool.

We had an amazing, amazing romantic meal at Austur Indía Félagið.

Ewelina and I emptied the Mushroom Collection Fund Jar!

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