It's really hard to take a picture of both the back and the front of your head at the same time.

I cut my hair! :-)

As I was cutting my hair, I realized that I am still doing that particular job with scissors I stole from the Google office at least 3 years ago, back when I felt entitled to snacks and leather jackets and relocation bonuses and bathrobes and Android phones and offices supplies.

Those ill gotten shears have been all over the world with me: from Ireland, to Silicon Valley, to Spain, to Mexico City, to the southernmost tip of S-America, to Poland, to Iceland... cutting my hair all the way.

They are blue, I like them.

I wonder if my Google scissors will outlast my Google phone?

Later ...

OMG, Ewelina and I cleaned out the shed in the back yard. It is now empty for the first time since I bought this apartment. Crazy.

We are going to go have burgers and beer and take part in a pub quiz as a reward. :-)

Maybe tomorrow we'll get some work done...

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