Still sore, hung over for real!

I am still incredibly sore after Friday's class. Ow. Need more muscles.

I am also hung over, for real this time!

Ewelina and I ended up going to three, not two Eurovision parties last night. First, we visited Pálína, Friðfinnur and Árni. We stayed there until about midnight.

Then we stopped by at Tómas's place, and admired his apartment and grand piano and knife juggling. We met Hlöðver of , and some other geeky guys. Then we joined the group for a taxi ride to visit a dude named Baldvin.

Baldvin lives next door to the house with the girl jumping on a trampoline at 2 in the morning. This made it easy to find. In the house there was a full rock-band set-up and a fridge full of beer, so we had drinks and interesting conversations until the wee hours. Fun!

Walking home in the sun this morning was nice.

Sleeping all day was nice too.

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