Saturday's Big Thaw

I feel hung over.

Which is odd, because I had no alcohol yesterday. I am supposed to be hung over tomorrow. Maybe it is Karate's fault - last night Sensei Ísak managed to completely wear me out and give me sore muscles in all sorts of random places. As usual - Ísak is awesome.

Today is Eurovision day. Ewelina and I are invited to two parties and hope to make an appearance at both.

It's also a day for celebrating new Icelanders - immigrants. There is going to be a parade and some sort of event at city hall. We were also thinking of making an appearance there.

Iceland's Big Thaw

I just finished reading Iceland's Big Thaw, which features interviews with a few people I know personally - Gunni Gríms and the Startup Kids girls - and does a pretty decent job discussing the atmosphere of post-crash Iceland. Már actually spoke with the journalist as well, but their discussions didn't make the cut as far as I can tell.

I couldn't help feeling the article lacked a certain oomph, though. The author's editors should have made him focus a bit more - or just made it a bit longer to make room for more depth.

It was accurate, but bland.

And there was no mention of PageKite! What's up with that?? :-)

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