This week sucked!

Today sucked. Yesterday sucked. The day before sucked.

Fuck it. The entire week sucked!

I am really quite bummed that we only have 2 months left of PageKite "runway money". It feels like our message is still completely unfocused and as a result not resonating at all and our product is still too rough for general consumption... and now that we're running low on cash again, I have to stop working on the fun tech stuff and the fun speaking opportunities and go looking for money. Again. Ugh.

We won't hear from Rannís until too late, we need to figure this money thing out first, without them. Ugh.

I'm also totally jealous of projects like Showoff and Unhosted that get good press and are generally awesome... even though when I take a step back, and think objectively, their technology is even less mature than ours and they also have a long way to go. But that doesn't matter, I'm still jealous of the attention they're getting. Jealousy is not a nice feeling.


I guess I'm going through one of those emotional rough spots I was warned about in all those start-up blogs I obsessed over last summer.

I also remember enough "emotional intelligence" mumbo jumbo to know that the way out of this funk, aside from complaining on the Internet, is to work and make progress and remind myself that we're making progress. Which we are.

But it's hard.

I'd rather stay in bed and feel sorry for myself.

Later ...

Violence fixes everything! Or karate anyway, does wonders. I feel much better. :-)

Sunday Már is coming over and the three pagekiteeers will discuss money and other things.

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