Happy Birthday, Bjarni!

My birthday project

Dagbók is the Icelandic word for diary. Literally, it means daybook. This is my new dagbók, which I hope to update exactly once a day, whenever I am at my computer, which is and has been most days for the past 20 years. At least!

It's my birthday, so I am starting a new project, and this is it. It's not an original project, but I have always liked the idea of taking a picture once a day and being able to later fast-forward someone's life at 24fps and see 10 years go by in just over 2 minutes. That would make 25 only about 2 minutes ago for me, which feels about right.

Or, more morbidly, I probably have less than 15 minutes left to live. How dramatic!

My birthday

My birthday started a few minutes after midnight, last night. I was sitting in my office, happily hacking away on PageKite, when Ewelina entered. She had put on that outfit I think looks so nice and was carrying a plate of fruit and chocolate, topped with flaming 3 and 5 candles.

I checked in my work, pushed to github, and locked my screen.

Then I made us Caipirinas and we snuggled up in the sofa together to watch a film.

This afternoon Már will probably visit to work on a little project with me, and this evening we are having a party. Tomorrow I visit my parents for dinner.

I like my birthday! :-)

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