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Last fall, I went to the GP for a check-up.

The main reason I was there was actually mental health: I'd been struggling with burnout and a bad temper for quite some time, I wanted advice. He didn't really have much for me; some names of therapists I could reach out to. I never did, I think the fact that I went for help was actually a sign I was on the mend and I'm basically back to normal now. Which is a huge relief.

He also checked my blood pressure, and found it was bit high. He said I should go get a blood test and exercise more, both for my head and my heart. I never got the test done, but I've been exercising: swimming. It feels great.

I'm not very good at following doctor's orders.

In August the blood bank was soliciting new donors, so I went over and got checked. Again, my blood pressure seemed high. They asked about accidents and diseases, I told them about that time I got Typhoid in Peru. They weren't sure what to do with that... planned to get back to me.

I ended up borrowing a blood pressure gauge from my parents and testing myself at home when I was feeling relaxed and comfortable. My blood pressure measured fine: 119/67, with a pulse of 54 bpm was my last measurement. Totally fine. Apparently doctors stress me out?

The blood bank got back to me. My numbers are good, I'm allowed to give blood. I will do so soon.

A few weeks back, Kría and Emi both got a tummy bug and I got to clean up lots of vomit. I didn't get sick myself. Good job, immune system!

Friday morning, I got a muscle spasm in my back as I was carrying Kría out of the house and twisting to shut the door. Ouch. I was pretty useless for the rest of the day, but I did my time at work and then went early to bed once I got home.

Saturday I was well enough to take Emi and her artist friends out for a photo/video shoot, but I had to be careful. Stayed in that evening and had red wine while watching a film.

This morning, I felt fine. If I try I can trigger the spasm, but it's not slowing me down anymore. I went to the pool and did hald my usual workout, to get the blood flowing and the muscle moving. Spent extra time in the hot tubs.

Oh, and I let my hair grow.

And then I cut it, a bit. But it's still longer than this blog has ever seen it!

And for a few short minutes I even had a moustache, but nope nope nope.

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