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SMS, web, email, IRC - yeah!

2001-07-11 14:28
SMS messages are cool. Integration is cool. I've banged together a few very simple scripts to integrate my web page, IRC client, incoming email and cell phone.

Basically, my IRC client usually knows whether I'm online or not - if I haven't touched the IRC window for a while it assumes I'm away and marks me as such. When I know I'm going away I tell my IRC client, leave a message for my IRC answering service. This text has also been appearing on my diary front page for a while, up in the top right corner - updated by this script.

For the past few days I've been stealing minutes here and there to create a perl module to talk to TAL's free web-to-SMS gateway, the one used by the SMS box here to the right. I've completed the module and a couple of scripts to use it. One sends email messages via. SMS, the other takes stuff from standard input and sends it.

Finally I wrote a shell script which checks the time of day and whether I'm active on IRC or not, and if I'm both likely to be awake and away from my keyboard, sends me an SMS summary of my mail. This I stuck in my .procmailrc file as a carbon-copy rule which ignores crap from mailing lists and mailer daemons.

Another use for the SMS-sending scripts is to send me IRC messages when I'm away. That works too.

So, in short - when I away from my keyboard both my personal IRC messages and email will get sent to me via. SMS. Am I wired or what?

The next SMS related project is to create a script for updating my diary via. SMS sent to this free SMS-to-Email gateway. I'll also probably implement a few simple rules to request system info for Klaki. If I go really crazy I might create an SMS-based email client... but I rather doubt it.

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