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GSM phones and monitors

2001-02-19 11:56
I've discovered the best way for me not to miss any phone calls on my GSM phone (even while listening to loud music in my headphones). I just turn the ringer off and place the phone under my monitor. Whenever someone calls or I receive a new SMS the picture on the screen bounces and wiggles and I hear little bzzt-bzzt noises in the headphones. No ringer necessary!

But is this good for the monitor?

Come to think of it... is it good for me? I can't help but sympathize with the people who are afraid that GSM phones cause cancer - the phones have a very pronounced effect on their environment when they receive new calls, and my DNA is often one of the closest thing to the phone when that happens.

Mental note: "My cell phone" should never be the answer to the question "is that your cell phone or are you just happy to see me?".

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