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New glasses!

2010-10-01 08:49

Yesterday I picked up my new glasses from the shop. I actually picked up two pair, my old ones with new lenses, and a new pair, also with new lenses and a sightly different prescription.

Why two pair? Am I suddenly old enough to qualify for a different prescription for computer-use? Sort of. I haven't started getting far-sighted yet (in fact I am a tad more near-sighted than last time I checked), but since I've been getting headaches the optician recommended I try using slightly weaker lenses tuned for the different angle between my eyes when working close up.

So far I'm not sure it helps. It may actually be a bit worse... But I am giving it a try to see how I adust.

I had never given much thought to the viewing angle and the distance between my eyes in the context of glasses, but it turns out that my old prescription (which I got in Dublin) got that little detail wrong - my old glasses had their focal points a millimeter or two, too far apart. This is in turn a very likely explanation for the added strain and the headaches I have been getting.

When I put on my new glasses (the pair that is not tweaked for computer use), they just felt right.

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