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A comment for Iceland Review

2010-09-09 10:51

I was amused to find that clicking the "comment" link on Iceland Review's web-site upholds last century's tradition of "letters to the editor" rather than allowing new-fangled direct conversations on their web-site. How quaint!

Anyway, here is the letter I am sending them, in response to this crappy article. I hope it is appropriately quaint, while getting my point across.


Dear editors,

I am a recent addition to your readership, looking for some insight into how Iceland is presented to our non-Icelandic speaking immigrants, guests and other interested foreigners. Overall I've been pleased with your coverage, with one notable exception.

I was absolutely appalled by your recent article, "Mayor Gnarr Wearing any Clothes?". I was not bothered by what you wrote about Gnarr, he is after all a comedian and seems to thrive on controversy. You were pretty nice to him.

What bothered me was your blatant attack on the character and personal life of Sóley Tómasdóttir. Digging up the most controversial quote you could find (from an interview taken last May, with no bearing on the Gnarr story) and reprinting it out of context like this, is a remarkably a low blow. The fact that for your attack you chose a quote relating to her private family life, makes it unforgivable.

I am no fan of Sóley or her politics, but her critique of Gnarr was at least on topic and worth discussing - if only to point out how silly she is.

Your coverage however, was neither topical nor justified. It just left me feeling a bit queasy. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Respectfully yours, Bjarni R. Einarsson

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