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Beanstalks Project and cleaning house

2010-07-19 10:29

Last Friday I launched the web-site of my fledgling company, the Beanstalks Project. I expect most of my work-related blogging is probably going to happen over there, not on this page.

Incidentally, for my geekier friends, I aggregate all my different RSS feeds into one at this URL: bre.klaki.net/u/?Bjarni.rss. That feed includes pretty much everything I write on the web (except for my Tweets) as well as links to Stuff I Like.


In other news, this weekend was a major weekend of mid-summer cleaning: Ewelina and I took everything out of the downstairs storage room and into the back-yard. There we sat in the sun and sorted it all into four different piles: trash, charity, keep and friends. The keep pile was the smallest of the three, so now there is lots of room in the store-room for more "stuff".

But more importantly, now we actually know what we have.

And, I got ever so slightly sunburned!

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