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Carpentry Sunday

2010-07-04 21:11

Today I made massive progress on a 6-year-old carpentry project: closets in my bedroom.

The sliding doors are assembled and in place, and the room already looks so much nicer. Later this week I may try to dye the wood a darker color, paint the internal shelves and put them all in place, and if all goes well, next weekend I'll finish the drawers under the window.

It's weird to suddenly make rapid progress on something I've been putting off or ignoring for so many years. Of course, I was distracted by things like a divorce, single life and living abroad for four of those six years... but still. It's strange, but very gratifying, to finally see this stuff getting done.

When Ewelina and I finally get around to having a house warming party, this place is going to look completely different. And awesome! :-)

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