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FSF═ Freedom Award - a belated thank you!

2010-05-12 16:01

I just realized that I never blogged about receiving the FSF═ Freedom Award last December. Oops!

My (possibly weak) excuses for not even saying thank-you at the time, were a lack of decent connectivity in the Peruvian jungle, worries about my health (Typhoid is scary) and generally being preoccupied with my trip.

Thinking about it now though, I feel like quite the ingrate. What I should have said, and will say now is: Thank you very much!

As I understand it, I was granted this award for being very involved in (and sometimes instigating) much of the early Icelandic grassroots activity to do with Free Software and digital rights.

It felt, and still feels, a bit odd to be awarded for my efforts in a field I have been neglecting of late, and odd to be singled out when I know I was rarely alone in those efforts, and odd to be awarded for work that I still don't really know whether made a difference... but I guess that is the nature of awards like this. And I am very grateful for the award, and more importantly, inspired by it.

I aim to do a better job living up to the award, now that I am no longer employed by a giant, secretive company and no longer backpacking around the Americas: if I don't release some interesting free software and take active part in the community in Iceland this summer, please spank me.

But anyway, I'll say it again: Thank you, FSF═!

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