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Photo Album progress

2009-07-23 05:42

I am really enjoying my new coding project, and am making rapid progress building our new photo album.

Since my last post, I've implemented the following things:

  • Slide-shows, with full keyboard control
  • Translation of the main page to Icelandic and Polish
  • Support for multi-lingual captioning in KPhotoAlbum
  • Nested group selection (Bjarni in Parties in Dublin)
  • Image serving from lighttpd

I've also fixed various bugs, the most important being a bug in the image preloading code which made the site much slower than it should have been.

The next big thing I need to work on has to do with user accounts, access controls and privacy. Basically I want to have control over what I show to search engines, what I show to strangers and what I show to friends and family.

Photo albums are even worse than blogs when it comes to a weird mixture of privacy concerns and exhibitionism... :-)

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