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Yet another photo album!

2009-07-17 06:03

What with the traveling all over the world thing, I am taking lots of photos again. And when I'm not taking photos, Ewelina is taking photos.

So I made yet another photo album thingo. It's not finished yet; it is lacking RSS feeds and some administration features, access controls and lots of little bits and pieces. But the most important things work: we can post our photos online and people look at them and comment on them. Yay!

The organization of the entire collection is done with KPhotoAlbum, which gives a much better UI for tagging and sorting and rotating and deleting than I would be able to create any time soon. To publish the photos I just upload the KPhotoAlbum database and tell my online album system which tags to publish as albums, which tags to treat as private and which tags to ignore completely.

I re-used code from Partalistinn to get this up and running so quickly, which means the whole thing is written in Perl. I'll probably switch to letting lighttpd serve up the static images later on to make things more scalable, but for now the Perl code does it all.

I also took care to write the thing in such a way that it can already handle multiple photo collections and multiple domains; the look and feel is entirely customizable and if I don't lose interest this could turn into something useful to people other than just myself.

For now though, it doesn't even have a name. What would you call yet another photo album program? How about an online photo album hosting service which allows you to use your own domain and your own look and feel? Would anyone pay for such a thing, or have Picasaweb and Flickr and all the rest already got the market cornered? So many questions...

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