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Big Trip countdown... 17 days!

2009-05-25 14:11

In only 17 days, Ewelina and I will leave Ireland, probably for good.

We fly to Poland, then Spain, then Mexico... and then who knows! We might fly back to Europe 5 months later from Brazil, or we might change our mind and do something else entirely.

Today we got vaccinated against all sorts of diseases. We've bought most of our plane tickets, I've given notice at work, we have a nice camera and a pair of portable hard drives to store the pictures on. We have various credit cards and sums of money in various bank accounts. We have anti-malarials and prescriptions for all sorts of other fun drugs. We have been taking Spanish lessons since February, we have valid passports and according to the Internets we don't need visas for the places we want to visit.

There are still a few things to sort out, but I think we're almost ready.

We still have 17 days... :-)

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