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Cool: Screen Recycler

2008-03-23 20:12

Screen Recycler is one of the more clever programs I've seen for a while. Just thought I'd plug it even though I'm not actually using it. Anything which extends the useful lifetime of "outdated" computer hardware is a good thing in my book.

I've become quite accustomed to having multiple screens to work with, as when I joined Google a pair of 24" monitors was standard issue for people on my team. I've since "downgraded" to a laptop and single 24" monitor, a setup I can replicate at home, which is nice for doing weekends on-call (like I did this weekend).

I'm currently using the same dude's VNC viewer "JollyFastVNC" program to remote-control my laptop in the other room. It's playing Miss Kitten quite loudly at the moment. No speakers in our little "office", see...

Before anyone gets all sorry for me about working on the Easter weekend, I should mention that I took all of last week off to traipse around Italy with Annie. We had great fun! I recommend Italy at this time of year: we had the most of the touristy bits more or less to ourselves and it wasn't too hot.

Happy Easter, everyone. :-)

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