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Yay missile defense? Yay Obama!

2008-02-21 22:18

It amuses the cynic in me to observe how the U.S. government has been so emphatic that shooting down their broken spy satellite was for entirely altrustic reasons, purely out of concern for innocent people's safety. Right up to the point when the mission has been accomplished - then suddenly the headlines are all about how well their missile defenses work. What a surprise!

Phrases such as "hypocrite" and "arms race" do spring to mind...


But the geek in me still can't help but be impressed with the accuracy of the thing. Successfully hitting a bus-sized object moving at high speed, 250km above the surface of the earth is pretty damn impressive no matter what the politics are.



Annie's been covering the political blogging front pretty well lately, but I'm happy to report that she and a whole bunch of other people I respect have managed to convince me that Obama is pretty cool; to the point that I'm actually paying attention to the news about the ongoing primaries and getting a bit excited about how it's all going.

With a tree-hugging hippy message like his (and the best of the bunch policy on high-tech matters), it's pretty impressive that he's managing to inspire and enthuse even grumpy cynics like me.

The U.S. could really use a president who inspires instead of fear-mongering right about now. So go Obama! :-)

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