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SMS.AC cease and desist letter

2005-02-17 11:42
Such happy days! Today is the second day in a row that I been the target of an e-mail nastygram written with lots of CAPS.

This time, it is e-mail from SMS.AC to my dad, demanding that I "IMMEDIATLY CEASE AND DESIST" my "ILLEGAL ACTIVITY".

OK... I've stopped! That was easy, since I didn't actually commit any crimes in the first place.

I rather suspect they're annoyed that my complaints about their repugnant and immoral business practises are now on the first page of Google results, if you search for SMS.ac. But I can't be sure, since they didn't specify in their document what "crimes" they think I've committed or what action they want me to take. They did mention that page though.

Incidentally, that page is in second place on Google if you search for SMS.ac spam. Google likes me!

For the record, I'm still regularly rejecting unwanted "invitations" (spam) from the SMS.AC system, both from mailing lists I moderate and my personal inbox.

I also rather resent their attempt to scare me with important sounding legal terms and threats. I think it was especially underhanded of them to send the letter to my father (who is registered for the Klaki.net domain) and not myself, even though they obviously had my e-mail address and listed me as one of the recipients. They just didn't bother to actually send me my copy...

Were they hoping my pop would just shut down my web site without asking me? Or did they just want to scare my family a bit? Either way, that was very impolite of them.

If I were you, I would think twice before doing business with such an impolite company.

Update: I'm not the only one who got a letter like this.

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