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eBay and Lufsa

2002-08-30 17:18
About a month ago I started prowling eBay, looking for spare parts for Unnur's laptop (a Toshiba Libretto 100CT named Lufsa). I found and purchased two things: a bracket and adapter so I could rip out the hard-drive and plug it into my PC (useful for taking backups or upgrading the OS, I hope) and a new high-capacity battery. Last fall I bought a memory upgrade - also on eBay.

In all cases I had no trouble getting the seller to ship to Iceland and paying them via Paypal. I'm quite pleased - I'm convinced that for Icelanders (and probably many others) eBay is probably the easiest way to find spare parts for obscure computers like Unnur's laptop.

I'm thinking about overclocking Lufsa up to 233Mhz (a 40% speed increase from the default 166Mhz). That might cause heat problems though and would decrease the battery life, so I haven't quite made up my mind. But it's an interesting idea, and since Unnur's been asking me to install an HTML 4.x capable browser on Lufsa, she may need the added horsepower...

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