Strategic PageKite

How's this for a strategy?

  1. Build a personal (runs on your computer) web-app that developers like.
  2. Give developers the tools they need to build personal web-apps for everyone else.
  3. World Domination!

I understand and am capable of #1, I am making progress. Step #2 is already happening, it just needs care and feeding.

I want #1 and #2 succeed, and I think I can make a living doing one or the other, or both. I could even build a medium-sized business and feed some families doing those things. I do miss having a proper pay check and even a few co-workers, so this is important to me.

But that's not why I decided to go into debt and live frugally and work every waking moment for months and wake up stressed about how slow the progress feels at times... It's #3, the dream of World Domination that motivates me.

It's the ball I keep my eye on as I implement what looks like "just another app".

Maybe later I will write about what it means, to me (hint: not just money).

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