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PageKite has lots of momentum these days, I am enjoying my work.

We're making money! Nowhere near as fast as we spend it, but still. We're making money!! Literally dozens of dollars a week.

All of january we have seen a steady trickle of purchases - not yet a streem and certainly not a flood - but a trickle. Sign-ups are also continuing at a steady pace and our usage metrics are all climbing.

Optimism is in the air.


I finally beat my programmers-block on the PageKite website, which needs updates to support our planned pricing changes and improved options for our professional users. Parts of the code were simply too horrible to work with until last week, when I had a fit of productivity and rewrote all the core functionality as an XML-RPC API. I have almost finished rebuilding our account management interface on top of that API and everything is sooo muuuuuch nicer.

Instead of gigantic blobs of if-then-else spaghetti, it's now reduced to one nice HTML template with no conditionals, one clean Javascript file with small functions, and the API itself, which is also very clean.

Aside from cleaner code for the website, this API will also be available to the desktop app, ultimately making it unnecessary for people to log on to the website at all.

Finally, this API is one of the building blocks we need to be able to offer companies a "white-label" version of the PageKite service, where we allow partners to re-sell our services using their own branding. We're still fleshing out the details of how this will work, but it will be awesome, I'm sure.


On Monday I had a Skype meeting with the founder of another start-up, who would like to be our first "white-label" user of the PageKite service. His product is also based on Free Software and our visions are very compatible. It was a good chat and I look forward to working with him.

This morning I received e-mail with confirmation that a company has decided to purchase an alternate license to the pagekite.py code, so it can be included in a commercial product. This sort of thing was in our business plan, but I hadn't really planned for it to happen so soon. I may need some legal advice for getting the license right.

It's not all roses though. Our third partnership, which we began negotiating last year, seems to have stalled. A meeting to sign the deal, supposed to take place two weeks ago, never got scheduled. Such is life I guess, hopefully they'll get back in touch when they're done being indecisive... I've followed up and we're all still on good terms, so now I just have to wait and see.

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